Design Edit

Gym Rules Edit

Sydonay, the Gym Leader, is quite lax on Gym Rules. However, those he does have must be followed and the rules are as listed;

  • Not entirely a rule, and more like his method of battling, opponents are required to be able to adapt to Contest-style battles, as it is his method of battling. Every Thursday, Gym Battles are conducted in Contest-style, complete with an audience and point monitor. In this case, Contest Rules apply.

Rules that dictate defeat Edit

As in every Gym, there are conditions which state whether or not a Trainer's Pokémon have lost and they are as follows;

  • The Trainer recalls the Pokémon.
  • The Pokémon is knocked out, or too weak to battle.
  • The Pokémon falls asleep.
  • The Pokémon refuses to battle.
  • If the Trainer is abusive to their Pokémon in battle, the referee will declare the Gym Leader the winner, and the challenger is not to return until they have improved their treatment of their Pokémon.

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