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Nathan anime
Age 10
Gender Male
Eye color Blue
Hair color White
Trainer Status
Trainer Class Pokémon Trainer
League Badges Hora League (1)
Ribbons Earned None
Frontier Symbols None
Current League Hora League
Travel Partner(s) Silus, Clair
Previous Travel Partner(s) Lyra
Starter Pokémon Nathan's Emolga
Personal Status
Relatives Cable (Brother)
Hometown Monkshood Town
Current Residence None
First Appearance
Story Debut Double Deino Duo!

Nathan (ネイサン, Neisan) is a young Pokémon Trainer hailing from Monkshood Town in the Hora region. He is the younger brother of the town's Gym Leader, Cable. He later begins traveling with Silus and Lyra after they visit the Monkshood Town Gym.

Overview Edit

Character Edit

Nathan was born the younger brother of Monkshood Town's Pokémon Gym Leader, Cable. As the younger brother of a Gym Leader, he was held to high standards, and was not allowed to leave on a Pokémon journey, like most of his peers. Cable intended to groom Nathan to take over his place as Gym Leader, but Nathan refused, wanting to compete in the Caspia Conference and become Champion.

During this time, Nathan was given his very first Pokémon — Emolga. He then somehow managed to earn Gardenia Town's badge, the Garden Badge, from the two Gym Leaders. Nathan states that sometime prior to The Super Punchy Pokémon!, he captured a Timburr; it is assumed he caught it around this period of time.

In Double Deino Duo!, he joins up with Silus and Lyra and finally begins his Pokémon journey.

In The Super Punchy Pokémon!, Nathan joins his first official Pokémon competition, alongside his friends, by taking part in Phlox Town's annual P1 Grand Prix.

Equipment Edit

  • Guidebook: Nathan carries around a guidebook to the Hora region, complete with a miniaturized map. He occasionally uses this to help direct the group.

Pokémon Edit

On hand Edit

Badges Edit

This is a listing of all of Nathan's known Gym badges.

Hora Edit

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Nathan's appearance makes him a doppelganger of Tory Lund, from Destiny Deoxys.
  • Nathan has made it known that he despises Pokémon Contests.
  • Despite Cable initially raising him to taking over the Monkshood Gym, a gym of Electric-type Pokémon, Nathan's only electric Pokémon is Emolga; as he captures all different types.

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