オリビア Oribia
Gender Female
Birth date 3rd December
Hometown Eden Town
Region Hora
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer
Olivia (オリビア, Oribia) is a Pokémon Trainer from the Hora Region, who began her travels from Eden Town. An energetic, friendly and odd girl who wishes to win the Hora League with her team. Currently, Olivia has yet to win any badges, since she is still in the early stages of her adventure.


Olivia is a young 11 year old girl with long grey hair that reaches to the middle of her back, she has grey eyes with black pupils and is seen many times with a cheerful yet somewhat calm smile. She wears a sleeveless light blue shirt, a red skirt and white shoes. Olivia is rarely seen without her white hat with a wide brim that covers her from the sun. She has a yellow purse which she keeps all of her important things in it.


Olivia appears as an always cheerful and energetic girl, always smiling and being optimistic, she is also very friendly towards her Pokémon and other people she may meet along the way. While she does have positive traits, she is still quite odd. While friendly, Olivia is quite annoying and even mean to others, an example for that can be how talkative she is and the fact she doesn't mind stealing things from others behind their back. She enjoys teasing others whenever she gets the chance.

While in battle, Olivia remains calm and plans her battle strategy and attacks. Even when her Pokémon are of no much for the foe's Pokémon, she would still remain calm and try to think of a strategy. It is noted by others that her expression somewhat changes during battle, appearing more calm with her smile rather than simply cheerful.

While never seen angered, Olivia does show signs of frustration at times that would naturally anger her, forcefully keeping a smile and a cheerful expression while becoming somewhat more aggressive towards other people, and acts as if there is no problem at all.




On HandEdit


  • Olivia's appearance is based off Leaf from Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.

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