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Age 20s
Gender Female
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blue
Rocket Status
Rank Scientist
League Badges None
Ribbons Earned None
Frontier Symbols None
Current League None
Travel Partner(s) Amy
Main Pokémon Unknown
Personal Status
Hometown Viridian City
Current Residence Viridian City
First Appearance
Story Debut Point of Purpose

Pia (リョウブ Ryōbu) is a member of Team Rocket, and one of their head scientists. She leads one of the technological outposts in the Hora Region, specialising in research on Pokémon brainwaves, specifically to develop a device that will aide in the control of Sacrelivo.

Trivia Edit

  • Her Japanese name, リョウブ Ryōbu comes from the Japanese clethra plant, and thus sharing the plant naming theme generally given to Pokémon researchers.
    • This makes her the first known villainous researcher to carry the plant theme given to Pokémon Professors, as Colress' name referred to no plant at all.

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