Bunny-Ears Lawyer: Pia is quite possibly as cheerful and jokeworthy as Jessie and James, always upbeat, making passes at Amy, and even Giovanni speaks about her in a tone as if he wonders why she's even there. However, the flipside is that she is a dangerously competent scientist within the organisation, leading one of the outposts in the Hora Region, loves her work to literal death, and Giovanni himself is competent in her skills, if a bit displeased with how she acts.

Expy: Pia's behaviour (and relationship with Amy) is reminiscent of a toned down version of Nika and Gai from Rising Phoenix, a series written by Darkrai's best friend. Add to the fact that she's a scientist and we basically get

  • Composite Character: An even mix of Nika's insanity and Kaito's scientific edge, Pia could be considered a merger of both of those characters. This doesn't bode well for humanity.

Evil Genius: In Team Rocket, Pia seems to be the resident Evil Genius.

For Science!: The only reason Pia does anything is if it furthers her research.


Hot Scientist: Pia is possibly more cute than hot, but her behaviour towards Amy gives this trope it's moments. That, and her appearance, white labcoat or not, violates every possible lab safety rule.

Mad Scienist: To the fucking core, especially when you consider Pia is helping Giovanni construct a device to control Sacrelivo, for the purpose of plunging the world into darkness and despair (not that the world really needs help in that regard). And she doesn't care, she's thrilled at the opportunities it presents, exceeding even Colress' own insanity from the anime.

Large Ham: Whenever Pia starts to talk about her experiments and research, she gets very animated.

Psycho Lesbian: She really gives off this vibe. The only reason she hasn't raped Amy is most likely because her research comes first.



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