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Everlasting Wonders
Season Original Series
No series logo available.
Opening Pokémon Theme
Episodes 1
(EW001 - present)
Region Hora
Series Everlasting Wonders series
Preceded by None
Followed by Unannounced

Pokémon - Everlasting Wonders, often shortened to Everlasting Wonders, is a fanon Pokémon series that utilizes both the anime and games as source material. It follows the adventures of Ferdinand Trotter - an ambitous Pokémon Trainer who aspires to both travel the entire world and win a championship. The first two seasons of the series takes place in the fan-made region of Hora while later seasons will expand to other regions.




  • Salvaggi crime family
    • Randy Salvaggi (Unova)
    • Ponny (Unova)
    • Nickol (Unova)
  • Gladiators
  • Deoxys Diciples
  • Dr. Spurge (Kanto)


Other CharactersEdit

Episode GuideEdit

Season One - Hora League Edit

  • Departure arc (EW001 - EW03)
  • Badge Collection arc (EW04 - ???) 
  • Gladiators arc (??? - ???) 
  • Deoxys Diciples arc (??? - ???) 
  • Victory Road arc (??? - ???) 
  • Caspia Conference arc (??? - ???)

Season Two - Tropi Archipelago AdventuresEdit

  • Wrath of a Mad Scientist arc (??? - ???)
  • Treasure Hunting arc (??? - ???)
  • Make a Wish arc (???-???)

Season Three - Kalos CapersEdit

  • Welcome to a New Land arc (??? - ???)

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