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Pokémon: Re:coded
Season One
Pokemon Re-coded
Logo for the series
Opening I Wanna Be a Hero (Remix) (RC001RC008)
Episodes 6
(RC001 - RC032)
Region Hora
Series Re:coded series
Preceded by None
Followed by Unannounced

Pokémon Re:coded, sometimes known as just Re:coded, is a fanon Pokémon series and fan adaptation of both the Pokémon games and the Pokémon anime. It details the story of Sean, the son of Professor Changi and an aspiring Pokémon Trainer, as he travels through the Hora Region, battling Gym Leaders and striving to defeat the Elite Four. This project started February 1st but went on hiatus.

It shares the same continuity as Pokémon — Advance Frontier and Pokémon — Songs of Victory loosely.


Main CharactersEdit

Recurring CharactersEdit

In addition to the main cast, several characters appear repeatedly throughout the series. In addition to new characters, characters from both the anime and the games appear as well. The following is a list of such characters;

Minor Characters Edit

Main article: Minor Characters in Re:coded


Re:coded (RC001 - RC032)Edit

The first eight episodes make up the introduction of Sean and the foundation for the remainder of the series. During the introduction he will earn his first three badges as well as obtaining his full six pokémon team. Starting with the ninth episode, the main arc will begin.

  1. Introduction arc (RC001 - RC008)
  2. The Legacy Begins arc (RC009 - RC032)

Caspia League Victors (RC033 - ???)Edit

  1. Caspia arc (RC033 - ???)
  2. Adventures in Hora arc (??? - ???)

Adventures in Johto (??? - ???)Edit

  1. New World arc (??? - ???)


  • Like Advance Frontier and Songs of Victory, this series follows the game continuity and is set at least 10 years following Generation II-IV.

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