Poképaradise (ポケ らくえん, Poképaradise) is a place where people can rest their Pokémon. It is situated in Lumex City and is popular in whole Hora. Hitomi Hoshi's parents are the owners of this place, and work in it. Poképaradise is known for the care of customers' Pokémon and is a place many people in Hora visit.



Poképaradise's advertsiment

Poképaradise is divided into several sections:
  1. Lake (For Water Pokémon)
  2. Garden (Several types of Pokémon)
  3. Cave (For Dark, Ghost and Poison Pokémon)
  4. Forest (Several types of Pokémon)
  5. Playground (Place where all Pokémon gather)

Lake- This is the place where Water Pokémon swim and enjoy. The lake has very clear water and is great in size, so all Pokémon can enjoy.

Garden- This is an area that Grass, Bug, Ground and a few others types of Pokémon can enjoy. The garden is covered in flowers and is really beautiful.

Cave- Dark, Ghost and Poison Pokemon are taken care of here. It isn't really a cave, it's a place where there is not much light, so the nickname of that section is "cave".

Forest- Here, many types of Pokémon reside. From Electric to Flying, as well as some types which are in other sections. The forest isn't really big, but it has a lot of trees where Pokémon can be found.

Playground- This is the place where all Pokémon can play. Every Pokemon can visit it when he wants. Additional games for Pokémon and toys are all here.


  • Wild Pokémon who live in Lumex City may sometimes come to the Poképaradise. They are treated like the other Pokémon.

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