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Professor Alden
Professor Alden
Age 30
Eye color Brown
Hair color Brown
Trainer Status
Trainer Class Pokémon Professor
League Badges None
Ribbons Earned None
Frontier Symbols None
Starter Pokémon N/A
Personal Status
Hometown Odale Town
Current Residence Silicon Valley
First Appearance
Story Debut The Fossil Pokémon Roundup!

Professor Alden (ウメズ教授, Professor Umezu) was a character-of-the-day in The Fossil Pokémon Roundup!. He goes on to become a minor reoccurring character in Advance Frontier.

Overview Edit

Character Edit

Originally a researcher and archaeologist based in the Hoenn region's Oldale Town, he traveled to Hora to research its Dark Crag, where Pokémon fossils had been discovered. When Silus, Nathan, and Lyra arrive at the scene of his research camp, located on Hora Route 6, he reveals to them that his team is being accosted by a Golett and the group decides to take care of it.

He is later revealed to work for the Devon Corporation and is currently living in Silicon Valley, near Crocus City in the northern portion of the Hora region.

The Professor is in possession of a large number of Pokémon fossils, and will offer them to trainers he deems worthy. Among the fossils he owns are the Helix Fossil, Dome Fossil, Cover Fossil and the Plume Fossil.

Pokémon Edit

These are the Pokémon the professor currently keeps on him;

On hand Edit

Alden Caracosta (2)
Carracosta (x2)
Professor Alden owns two male Carracosta; presumably obtained through his research on rare and ancient Pokémon. They primarily assist the professor with digging for fossils at his dig site — specifically in the underground lakes — but can also battle when needed.

Their only known moves are Ancient Power, Protect, Hydro Pump, and Rock Slide.

Debut The Fossil Pokémon Roundup!
Alden Seismatoad
Professor Alden also owns a female Seismitoad. She primarily assist the professor with digging for fossils at his dig site — specifically when it pertains to land digging — but can also battle when needed.

Her only known moves are Supersonic, Dig, Hydro Pump, and Drain Punch.

Debut The Fossil Pokémon Roundup!

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being from the Hoenn region, all of Professor Alden's Pokémon are native to the Unova region.

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