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Professor Kauri
Professor Kauri
Age 38
Gender Female
Eye color Green
Hair color Blue
Trainer Status
Trainer Class Professor
League Badges None
Ribbons Earned None
Frontier Symbols None
Current League Hora League
Previous League(s) Kalos League
Travel Partner(s) None
Starter Pokémon Unknown
Personal Status
Relatives Richard Kauri (Son)
Hometown Eden Town
Current Residence Saponaria City
First Appearance
Story Debut N/A

Professor Amber Kauri (カウリ教授, Kauri-kyōju) is a budding Pokémon Professor from the Hora region, researching the concept of Mega Evolution.

Overview Edit

Character Edit

Professor Karui was born in Eden Town, in Hora, however, desiring to become a prominent Pokémon Professor, she moved to Kalos, where she studied under Professor Sycamore. She returned to Eden Town some years later, where she had her son, Richard, and began her research as a research aid to a younger Professor Changi. After Richard has his seventeenth birthday and begins his own Pokémon journey, Kauri moves to Saponaria City, where she opens up her own research laboratory.

Because Saponaria City is such a great distance from Eden Town, and is on an island, rather than on mainland Hora, Professor Changi sends starter Pokémon to Kauri for her to give out to new trainers on the island.

Personality Edit

Professor Karui is a fiery individual, setting her apart from the mild mannered professors of old. This can sometimes come off as her being rude, abrasive, and/or assertive. Nevertheless, she has a passion for her research and is one of the best minds in the field. Kauri has also been shown to be fiercely competitive, being one of the few Pokémon Professors that will engage in Pokémon battles; sharing that trait with both of her superiors, Sycamore and Changi.

Pokémon Edit

On hand Edit

Professor Kauri Fletchling
Professor Kauri owns a Fletchling, which she captured during her studying abroad in Kalos. It acts primarily as a pet and messenger, and is rarely seen inside of its Poké Ball.

Its moves are unknown.

Debut Absol-ute Victory!

At the Lab Edit

Professor Kauri Rhyhorn
Kauri also has a Rhyhorn, which she keeps at her lab. Much like Fletchling, it seems to be more of a pet than either a research or battle partner. This Rhyhorn, unlike others of its species, is shown to be incredibly bashful and shy, quickly retreating into its hut if it doesn't recognize the person accompanying the Professor.

Its moves are unknown.

Debut Unknown

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Like most professors, she is named after a type of tree, specifically the karui conifers.

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