Birthday October 19
Gender Male
Trainer Status
Trainer Class Scientist
Starter Pokémon Mareep
Personal Status
Hometown Phlox Town
First Appearance

Reynard is a researcher from the Pokémon Research Institute who travels around Hora to investigate different regions for information related to the institute's mission regarding breeding and egg groups. He is known to Day Care centers around Hora, holding a particular relationship to the Gym Leader Vinette.

Biography Edit

Growing up, Reynard had difficulties deciding what he wanted to do in life. His father pushed him into going into research and development, leading Reynard to join the Pokémon Research Institute and becoming a full-fledged member underneath Professor Huon. However, Reynard was not content with his work. He joined volunteers when Huon began a new program that placed scientists in field work around Hora.

While in the field, Reynard realized his passion was for pokémon battles. However, Huon noted that Reynard lacked the competitive drive that she sees in other trainers. Despite this, Reynard continued to train with his Mareep, which he obtained as a gift from Huon, in hopes of being able to try his strength against other trainers that he encounters.

Personality and traits Edit

Professor Huon noted that although Reynard found his passion in pokémon battling, he lacked the level of competitiveness that she sees in other trainers who visit her institute. Even so, Reynard has a great willingness to learn more about pokémon battles.

Pokémon Edit

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