Rosalind's Abra
ロシャリンのケーシィ Rosharin no Keshī
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Rosalind's Abra
Debuts in A Midsummer Night's Theft
Caught at Unknown
Gender Male
Ability Synchronize
Magic Guard (hidden)
Current location With Rosalind
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Abra None

Rosalind's Abra was one of the pokémon kept on Rose's team of poison-types, despite being of the psychic type. Abra usually was not seen in battle, and could be considered to be a pet. However, Abra served a purpose as a mind-reading pokémon. When awake, Abra had a substantial ability to detect specific individuals or pokémon at greater distances than other Abra. Despite this, Abra, like others of its species, spends most of its time asleep, though Rosalind occasionally complained that her Abra slept longer than the typical Abra.

Biography Edit

Abra was given to Rose as a gift from her brother when she was departing to Hora. He hoped that the Abra would come in use some day, given its strengths. Although Rose was hesitant about accepting the gift, she did so in order to keep her brother at ease. The Abra did become useful, used by Rose as a means of escape when she was pursued by Team Rocket after stealing a Snag Machine from the organization's stash.

Personality and traits Edit

This Abra spent most of its time asleep, maybe even longer than the average Abra would. However, it had a greater ability to read minds than most other Abras. Despite this strength, Abra was easily frightened by combat and would teleport away without warning. If it felt that it was cornered, Abra would start using its psychic powers uncontrollably until it felt safe again. It had a strong liking to women's perfume, allowing Rosalind to forcefully awaken her Abra by setting out her own perfume from a cologne case she carried. When awake, Abra and Rosalind could communicate with each other through speech or mental communication and gestures.

Moves Edit

Move First Used In
Teleport A Midsummer Night's Theft
Rest Unknown
Psychic Unknown
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.