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Royce Holiday
休日ロイス Kyūjitsu Roisu
Royce's common appearance.
Age 16 (as of debut)
Gender Male
Birth date July 19th
Hometown Gardenia Town
Region Hora
Trainer class Pokémon Trainer

Royce Holiday (休日ロイス, Kyūjitsu Roisu) is a Pokémon trainer from Gardenia Town. Being an underdog of the Pokémon battle circuit, he isn't quite known around except for places such as his hometown and Eden Town, the place from where he had attained his own starter Pokémon from.

Appearance Edit

Royce is a young boy of teen age with short and black hair, hazel eyes, and slightly pale skin. Commonly, he sports a black, hooded sweatshirt topped over a red, short-sleeved shirt. On his legs, he wears gray jeans and multi-colored sneakers. He has a rather slim physique, which is exaggerated to be on the borderline of anorexic.

Personality Edit

Royce is one of the few characters of Pokémon that possesses a unique personality compared to most. He is generally moody, prone to easy frustration as well as loss of temper at failure. He can get easily irritated and angry at what he considers to be stupid and foolish, having a rather short temper. He carries a detached aura around himself, appearing to other people as constantly tired and at least a little bit depressed. He is highly compassionate and deep into the more complex emotions of people, interested in the concept of life philosophy. He is also capable of showing a sarcastic but humorous nature when talking to certain people such as close friends and family. However, he addresses strangers a bit more formally, though he still retains a casual aura while talking to them.

Despite his age, Royce has taken a habit to smoking. Along with his gear, he commonly carries a pack of cigarettes in a pocket in his backpack.

History Edit

(In Progress)

Synopsis Edit

Pokémon Edit

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