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Ryan's Glalie
ライアンのオニゴーリ Ryun no Onigohri
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Ryan's Glalie
Ryan's Glalie
Debuts in None
Caught at  ???
Evolves in ???
Gender Male
Ability Ice Body
Current location With Ryan
Ani361OD Ani362OD
This Pokémon spent 0 episodes as Snorunt.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Snorunt None
As Glalie None

Ryan's Glalie (ライアンのオニゴーリ, Ryun no Onigohri) is an Ice-type Pokémon that travels with the Gym Leader, Ryan.

History Edit

Glalie was caught by Ryan during the ending of his adventures in the Hoenn region. He later uses it in the Sinnoh League in his first match.

After his promotion to Gym Leader in Hora, he makes Glalie a central member of his team.

Biology Edit

Glalie is a round Pokémon with what appears to be black skin. It has two large, conical horns on either side of its head and its skin is covered by ice. This ice recedes in certain places, revealing the black skin. Its eyes are an icy blue and it also seems to have teeth much like a blue whale's baleen plates. It also partly resembles a soccer ball.

Glalie tends to be mischievous. They can block paths in order to trap travelers that dwell into mountain tops or caves. Despite its physical disposition, Glalie are very loyal Pokémon. They are often misjudged by their unfriendly appearance.

Glalie is a predatory Pokémon. It captures its prey by literally freezing them in their tracks. They also may feed on the Babiri Berry.

Abilities & traits Edit

Glalie's Ice Body causes it to recover 1/16 of its maximum HP at the end of every turn when it is hailing. If a non-Ice-type Pokémon acquires this ability, it will take no damage and still recover 1/16 of its total HP each turn during hail.

Moves Edit

Glalie using Ice attacks
Glalie using Sheer Cold
Move First Used In
Sheer Cold Unknown
Ice Beam Unknown
Hail Unknown
Blizzard Unknown
Shadow Ball Unknown
Bite Unknown
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.

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