The three-footed dove

Saika (雑賀; Saika or Saiga) is the name of formless cultural figure, representing vigilantism in the region of Hora. Although it is uncertain who was the original Saika, many vigilantes used the moniker to mask his or her activities against crime. The first person to use the alias of Saika recognized the cultural impact of his or her name, and made to distinguish him or herself from the generic Saikas by using the second alias The One (孫一; Magoichi). The One stated that he or she will never claim credit for acts of vigilantism, and only accredit actions to the moniker of Saika.

The Saika movement is symbolized with the three-footed dove, representing the extra "limb" to their actions in conjunction with local authorities. Officer Jenny, however, generally condoned the Saika activities, stating that crime fighting needed to be solely conducted by law enforcement entities.

Known Saikas Edit

Behind the scenes Edit

The concept was inspired by the Japanese historical figure Suzuki Magoichi, who was also known as Saika Magoichi. Magoichi was a pseudonym that was used as the name of the leader of the Saika Ikki.

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