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Sean's Leafeon
Gender Female
Caught at Unknown
Type Grass
Ability Leaf Guard
Pokémon Information
Current Location In Rotation
Evolution Spent Unknown episodes as Eevee
First Evolution In Prior to RC001
Original Trainer Austin Changi
First Appearance
Story Debut RC001

Sean's Leafeon (とびのリーフィア, Tobi no Leafia) is the second pokémon accompanying Sean on his journey. It was revealed following her debut that she once was owned by Sean's deceased cousin. Despite being unruly, Sean counts on her as his powerhouse pokémon.



As EeveeEdit

As LeafeonEdit


As EeveeEdit

As LeafeonEdit


Leafeon Aerial Ace
Using Aerial Ace
Move First Used In
Leaf Blade  RC003
Aerial Ace  RC005
Energy Ball  RC003
Solar Beam  RC003
GrassWhistle  RC005
Bite Unknown
Last Resort Unknown
Attract Unknown
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.

Moves improvisedEdit

  • Solar Wheel: First seen during Sean's first gym battle against Axel & Lexa, Fennekin and Leafia combined the power of Flame Wheel which Lily had just learned with Leafia's Solarbeam to create the ultimate attack.


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