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Silicon Valley
Devon City
Kanji シリコンバレー
English Silicon Valley
Romaji Shirikon Barē
Location Statistics
Region Hora
Debut Joy to the World!

Silicon Valley (シリコンバレー, Shirikon Barē) is a northern city in the Hora region, appearing, so far, only in the Advance Frontier series. It is located in the Crocus City metropolitan area.

It is a large city, and one of the busiest in the entire Hora region. It is said to be one of the major technological centers in the Pokémon world, playing host to buildings for the Devon Corporation, Silph Co., Gelel Company, and the Pokétech Company. In addition to these corporations, one of the main attractions of Silicon Valley is the Battle Subway, which in addition to acting as a battle facility for trainers, also acts as the quickest mode of transportation to Crocus City.

Notable Locations Edit

Battle Subway Edit

Battle Subway

The Battle Subway station.

The Battle Subway (バトルサブウェイ, Battle Subway) is a transportation service located in Silicon Valley. In addition to acting as a normal subway, there are special battle trains for trainers, which act as a competition for thrill seeking trainers. The Subway Boss of this Battle Subway is Emmet.

Devon Corp. Building Edit

Pokemon Company

The Devon Corporation building.

The Devon Corporation owns a branch within the Hora region, located specifically in Silicon Valley. It is currently the only known location to revive Fossil Pokémon. Its outpost is located in the same building as the Pokémon Center, on the upper floors.

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