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Silus' Braviary
Silus Braviary
Gender Male
Caught at Crocus City
Type normal/flying
Ability Sheer Force
Pokémon Information
Current Location With Silus
Evolution This Pokémon does not evolve
Original Trainer Silus
First Appearance
Story Debut Brave for Braviary!

Silus' Braviary (マシューのウォーグ, Mashū no Warrgle) is the fourteenth Pokémon Silus captures during his travels in Hora.

Background Edit

This Braviary was initially seen by Silus just outside Crocus City, where it lead him to an injured Rufflet. After rescuing the bird, Braviary helped Silus seek medical treatment for it. In the end, Braviary became greatly attached to Silus and challenged him to a battle, losing to his Monferno, where it was then captured.

Biology Edit

Braviary is an eagle-like Pokémon. His face and underside are a navy blue, while his back and the dorsal side of his wings are dark red. He has a bright blue cere above his yellow beak, from which extends a red, three-pointed crest. White plumes sprout from each point of the crest, and similar feathers are present on the sides of Braviary's face. Along with the feathery "mane" on the back of his head and neck, these features resemble a Native American war bonnet. Braviary's legs are feathered down to its feet, ending in spiky feathers on the upper portions of Braviary's large yellow talons. These powerful claws are tipped with black nails. His tail feathers are mainly red, with a blue tip and a yellow sub-terminal band.

Personality Edit

Braviary, much like its Pokédex entry suggests, is a noble Pokémon. In its debut episode, it was shown to go to great lengths to save an injured Rufflet, even going so far as to seek the aid of a human to accomplish this. It is shown to additionally be devoted, staying with Rufflet at the Pokémon Center while it was recovering. Braviary is also shown to have honor, wanting to go with Silus, after he displayed both itself and Rufflet great kindness, but wanted to battle him to make sure he was equally noble.

Abilities Edit

Braviary possesses the Ability Sheer Force, which increases the power of moves with secondary effects, like its Hurricane.

Moves Edit

Silus Braviary Sky Drop
Using Sky Drop.
Silus Braviary Air Cutter
Using Air Cutter.
Move First Used In
Sky Drop Showdown at the Safflower Gym!
Crush Claw Unknown
Fly  Brave for Braviary!
Air Cutter  Brave for Braviary
Hurricane  Waking the Titans Part 2
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Braviary is the second fully evolved Pokémon Silus has caught in the same episode he has helped its pre-evolved form, however, it is the only one, so far, he has had to battle for that right.

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