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Silus' Gastly
Silus Gastly
Gender Male
Caught at Mimosa City
Type Ghost/Poison
Ability Levitate
Pokémon Information
Current Location With Silus
Original Trainer Silus
First Appearance
Story Debut Ghostly Gastly!

Silus' Gastly (マシューのゴース, Mashū no Ghos) is the fifteenth Pokémon owned by Silus during his travels in the Hora region.

Background Edit

According to Silus, Gastly was caught in Mimosa City during his training with the Ghost Pokémon Master. Because he already had six Pokémon at the time, it was sent to stay with Professor Changi. In Ghostly Gastly!, Silus called upon it to be the sixth member of his team of Pokémon.

Biology Edit

Gastly is a black, spherical Pokémon surrounded by a purple gas. It has a wide, pink mouth with two visible fangs. Though its eyes seem to extend past its round body, they are surrounded by visible eyelids. The gaseous aura surrounding the main body is highly toxic. As ninety-five percent of its body is composed of gasses, Gastly will dwindle away when exposed to strong winds.

Personality Edit

Professor Changi has noted that Gastly is extremely playful.

Abilities Edit

Thanks to Gastly's Ability, Levitate, it can float in the air, despite not being a Flying-type Pokémon, and thus can avoid all Ground-type moves.

Moves Edit

Silus Gastly Confusion
Using Dream Eater.
Move First Used In
Psychic Ghostly Gastly!
Hypnosis Ghostly Gastly!
Will-O-Wisp Ghostly Gastly!
Dream Eater Ghostly Gastly!
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.

Moves Improvised Edit

  • Counter Shield: Gastly learned the Counter Shield method in its debut episode of Ghostly Gastly!, where it uses Psychic to control either Will-O-Wisp or Hypnosis, which it can then use in a unique fashion.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Despite being a Ghost-type Pokémon, Gastly knows no Ghost-type moves.

External Links Edit

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