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Team Cosmos
Team Cosmos logo
Kanji コスモス団
English Team Cosmos
Romaji Kosumosu-dan
Region(s) Hora
Headquarters N/A
Leader Unknown
Affiliation Hora
Purpose Not Yet Revealed

Team Cosmos (コスモス団, Kosumosu-dan) is a villainous team in Hora. Their goals lie opposite to that of Team Rocket's in the region; being after the legendary Pokémon, Lagralia, for yet unknown purposes.

Goal Edit

Team Cosmos states to the public that their goal is to "return the Light to the world". This goal seems to be connected to the legendary Pokémon, Lagralia, but its meaning is entirely unknown to anyone outside of the organization.

Organization Edit

Team Cosmos

A meeting of Team Cosmos.

In stark contrast to its enemies, Team Rocket, Team Cosmos is very structured — possessing a clearly defined chain-of-command. The team is lead by a man, named Führer. Like most of the other villainous teams, the organization enlists a number of Admins, serving to lead the scientists and grunts of the organization.

Like Team Rocket, Team Cosmos has also hired a large number of scientists, though the nature of their research remains unknown.

Uniform Edit

Team Cosmos members, like most other villainous teams in the Pokémon world, have a consistent uniform; a long, white, double-breasted trench coat with shoulder straps and a white, button-down bib. This coat is bound at the waist with a black belt, which is further adorned with a decorative buckle, and is worn over both white trousers and trench boots. Many members also sport white hats with black peaks and a crest emblazoned on its front, which is reminiscent of the five-pointed variant — the Team Cosmos insignia. This insignia is also reflected upon the buttons of their other apparel.

The higher-ranking members, such as the Admins, pair this uniform with other additional pieces of clothing, such as capes or cloaks, to distinguish themselves. The Admins wear a distinctive white, ankle-length cloak over their uniform that features the Team Cosmos insignia emblazoned on its back and often, a hood attached to the cloak's collar.

Ranks Edit

Rank Name Example
Leader Führer
Admin N/A
Scientist N/A
Grunt N/A

Trivia Edit

  • Team Cosmos was based on the appearances of the Wandenreich, from the Bleach franchise. In honor of this, they have a German motif.
  • Their name parallels the names of Team Rocket and Team Galactic, all having to do with the outside universe.

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