Xavier's Abomasnow
ザビエルのユキノオー Zabieru no Yukinooh
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Xavier's Abomasnow
Xavier's Abomasnow
Debuts in None
Caught at  ???
Evolves in ???
Gender Male
Ability Snowstorm
Current location With Xavier
Ani459OD Ani460OD
This Pokémon spent 0 episodes as Snover.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Snover
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Xavier's Abomasnow (ユキノオー のザビエル, Yukinooh no Zabieru) is a powerhouse of Xavier's Team who is a Grass/Ice-Type. Captured somewhere in the North region of Hora when it was just a Snover, Abomasnow became a major member of Xavier's team and can utilize powerful moves such as Wood Hammer and Sheer Cold.

Synopsis Edit

Captured when it was a young Snover, Abomasnow has become a vital powerhouse in Xavier's team. It is quite powerful and can take much damage. He is quite short-tempered and only a few things have shown to calm him. He has shown to like eating large amounts of berries, even if it means stealing from his fellow teammates.

Biology Edit

Abomasnow are large, white creatures covered in thick, shaggy, white fur. Their feet and hands are dark green and they have short, dark green tails. As Abomasnow evolve from Snover, they grow two more green spikes on their backs for a total of four. These spikes resemble mountains or pinecones. Abomasnow have shaggy fur covering their mouths, light-purple eyes and large, bushy eyebrows that stick out like antennae.

Abilities and Traits Edit

Abomasnow have the ability to sense snow from miles away. Not only can they sense it, but when Abomasnow get too angry or form in packs, they have the ability to create high and low pressure in the air resulting in small snow storms. Also, Abomasnow's feet allow them to clutch into the ground. Therefore, even the harshest winds cannot blow this Pokémon down.

His Snowstorm ability allows him to create a snowstorm whenever called out to battle. Lasting until Abomasnow is defeated or called back to his Pokéball, the snowstorm will fade. During the Snowstorm several of Abomasnow's snow/ice related moves become slightly stronger.

Moves Edit

Abomasnow attacking
Abomasnow leaping into the air
Move First Used In
Razor Leaf Unknown
Icy Wind Unknown
Ice Shard Unknown
Wood Hammer Unknown
Sheer Cold Unknown
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.