Xavier's Grovyle
ザビエルのサボネア Zabieru no Sabonea
Bag Quick Ball Sprite
Xavier's Cacnea
Xavier's Cacnea
Debuts in [[]]
Caught at
Gender Female
Ability Expand
Current location With Xavier
This Pokémon has not evolved.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Grovyle

Xavier's Cacnea (サボネア のザビエル, Sabonea no Zabieru) is a Grass-Type Pokémon as well as the newest addition to Xavier's team. Still young, Cacnea is a virgin to battling and has little experience whatsoever. Despite this, Cacnea is quite powerful utilizing moves such as Destiny Bond.

Synopsis Edit

During his travels, Xavier found an abandoned egg. He couldn't bring himself to leave it and brought it with him on his journey. When it finally hatched it revealed to be a female Cacnea who quickly grew very attached to Xavier. It is by far his current weakest Pokémon.

Biology Edit

Cacnea is a round and green Pokémon. She have a dark green rhombus shape above her face, and three dark green rhombus shapes below her face that ring around its waist with a green rhombus shape on its back. Cacnea has dark circles around her eyes, her mouth apparently composed of several similar circles with thin striations below it. Cacnea has two darker-green spikes to the sides of her face, along with a yellow flower bud on top of her heads. Cacnea also have two club-like arms that are dotted with darker-green spikes with cactus-esque striations along her length and two stubby, darker-green-colored, cone-shaped feet.

Abilities and Traits Edit

Aside from being poisonous, Cacnea has the ability Sand Veil. In a sandstorm, Cacnea's ability to avoid attacks is raised, giving it a sort of home field advantage. It can also have Water Absorb as a hidden ability.

In addition, Cacnea release a strong aroma to attract prey to it, and retain moisture in the hot daylight hours.

Moves Edit

Move First Used In
Needle Arm Unknown
Poison Sting Unknown
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Poison Jab Unknown
Destiny Bond Unknown
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