Xavier's Wigglytuff
ザビエルのプクリン Zabieru no Pukurin
Bag Poké Ball Sprite
Xavier's Wigglytuff
Xavier's Wigglytuff
Debuts in Return to Osiana! A Deserved Rest
Caught at  ???
Evolves in ???
Gender Female
Ability Cute Charm
Current location With Xavier
Ani039OD Ani040OD
This Pokémon spent 0 episodes as Jigglypuff.
Voice actor Japanese English
As Jigglypuff
As Wigglytuff

Xavier's Wigglytuff (プクリン のザビエル, Pukurin no Zabieru) is Normal-Type Pokémon who is a recent addition to Xavier's team. She utilizes several powerful moves, such as Giga Impact and Thunder to devastate her opponents. She has gotten rid of her habit as a Jigglypuff to wanting everyone to hear her music, and has gotten to the point where she would rather show off her physical prowess.

Synopsis Edit

Captured when she was still a Jigglypuff, Wigglytuff is a valuable asset to Xavier's team. Other than Grovyle, he often calls on her to battle as she is more versatile than others such as Waruvial and Abomasnow. Wigglytuff often gets crushes on male pokémon most notably Xavier's Abomasnow who shows no feelings towards her.

Biology Edit

Wigglytuff resembles a pink blob with a fluffy tuft of fur on its head and long rabbit-like ears and a white belly. She has large blue eyes and stubby arms and legs like her pre-evolution, Jigglypuff.

Abilities and Traits Edit

Wigglytuff is capable of inflating herself to big sizes in order to scare off enemies. Wigglytuff can also sing soothing lullabies to make anyone fall asleep, but her reputation for doing so isn't as famous as its basic form, Jigglypuff. Like Clefable and its pre-evolutions, Wigglytuff is capable of wielding various elemental attacks.

Wigglytuff can use Cute Charm that causes Pokemon of the opposite sex to have a chance to become infatuate with her upon hit.

Moves Edit

Move First Used In
Giga_Impact Unknown
Shake Unknown
Thunder Unknown
Arial_Ace Unknown
Sing Unknown
Gyro Ball Unknown
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.