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Zapdos anime
Gender Genderless
Type electric/flying
Ability Pressure
Pokémon Information
Current Location Osiana Forest
Evolution This Pokémon does not evolve
Original Trainer None
First Appearance
Story Debut Waking the Titans Part 1

Zapdos (サンダー, Thunder) is a legendary Pokémon which appears exclusively in Advance Frontier.

History Edit

Little is known about this Zapdos, other than it appears alongside the other members of its trio, in Waking the Titans Part 1, in Osiana Forest, at Team Rocket's mercy. Vicious used the Wind Magatama to gain control over it.

Biology Edit

Zapdos is an avian Pokémon with predominantly yellow plumage. Black rings encircle its eyes, and it has a long, thin, light orange beak. Its wings and tail are a mass of spiky feathers, with black feathers covering the back of its wings and inner tail feathers. A large crest of spiked feathers surrounds its head. Its thighs are a khaki color, and it has anisodactyl feet ending in talons.

Abilities Edit

When Zapdos flaps its glittering wings, it releases electricity that can potentially cause thunderstorms. It causes cause massive crackling and snapping sounds when it flies; these are attributed to the lightning bolts sheds when airborne. When stricken by lightning, it gains power.

Moves Edit

Zapdos Shockwave
Using Discharge.
Move First Used In
Discharge Waking the Titans Part 1
Drill Peck Unknown
Zap Cannon Waking the Titans Part 2
Light Screen Unknown
A shows that the move was used recently, unless all moves fit this case.

Appearances Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Zapdos is the only member of its trio, appearing in Advance Frontier, which uses more than one move of the same type.
    • It is also the only one to use a non-damaging move.
  • This Zapdos is suspected to be different from the Zapdos commonly associated with Hora in that it is not Shiny. Unlike Articuno and Moltres, its species has no set roost in Hora, so this is difficult to confirm.

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